Profile: Monte Cole

Current:  Business Owner   •  Volunteer for Aging in Place Village  

Past:  AVP Crawford & James/Marsh      HQ & Field:  Aetna/Travelers & Selective, Fire Rating Bureau

BS Safety Management   •  Certified Safety Professional    Society for Risk Analysis  

Selected Publications 

  • Quality & Safety, Professional Safety, PrimaLetter, IRMI, & Quality Digest
  • Pre-employment Screening - Pay Now or Pay Later, Risk Review
  • Technical Loss Analysis, Positive Solutions
Examples of Projects & Seminars
  • Moore Center Annual Symposium, Child Sexual Abuse: A Public Perspective, Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD
  • Design of Risk Assessment Protocols for Numerous Clients, Notably:  Public Entity Insurer, Los Alamos National Labs, Environmental Insurer, NASA Contractor, and Child Sexual Abuse Insurer 
  • Risk Management Consultation and Training for a National Property & Casualty Insurance Carrier Staff of both Underwriters & Risk Control, HQ & Various US Locations
  • Environmental Risk Monetization Model, Los Alamos National Lab/University of California, Los Alamos, NM
  • Website Risk Management Resource Directory Development, National Insurance Carrier
  • Safety Business Plan & Supervisory Training, Maryland Contractor
  • Employee Injury Prevention Model Development, Mid Atlantic Manufacturer & Contractor
  • Site Specific EHS Plans, Building Contractor, Multiple Jobs, Mid Atlantic Manufacturer & Contractor
  • Electronic Risk Assessments, National Insurance Carrier
  • Nonprofit Sector Risk Assessments and Training Service, National Insurance Carrier
  • Lean Workshop, Johns Hopkins Armstrong Institute, Baltimore, MD
  • The Management Course, American Management Association, New York, NY
  • Advanced Ergonomic Workshop, Auburn Engineers, Auburn, AL
  • Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Safety Model Compliance Assistance, National Aeronautical & Space Administration, (NASA) Contractor, Washington, DC

Examples of Presentations

  • Nonprofit Insurance & Risk Mgmt. Training: Webinars for Underwriters, On Site Workshops for Risk Control with Principles, Actual Loss Trends, & Interactive Case Study Scenarios
  • Performance Based Workshop, Self Insured Social Services Firm: Best Practice Principles, Actual Loss Trends, and Interactive Case Study Scenarios
  • Safety, Quality & Employee Involvement Article: NAVSEA, Indiana University, International Risk Management Institute, & VPP Conference
  • Environmental Risk Monetization Seminar: Los Alamos National Lab, Los Alamos, NM
  • Innovative Environmental Solutions: Forbes Magazine BRAC Conference, DC
  • Supervisor/Manager Safety Leadership Seminars: Mid Atlantic Manufacturer, Contractor & Hospital
  • Quality & Safety Training for Managers: Mid Atlantic Manufacturer & Contractor
  • Supply Chain Contractor Risk Management: Virginia Labor & Industry & Occupational Health Nurses
  • Risk, Odds, Safety & Insurance:  Visiting Russian Safety Directors, Arrangements by the World Bank
  • Past:  Youth Sports for my Children & Others
  • Past:  Board of Directors, Homeowners Association
  • Current:  Training Development & Delivery for an Aging-in-place Village