Monte Cole, Principal

Short Bio:  I'm Competent, Degreed, Credentialed, Experienced, and I'm a Listener and an Innovator.

I’m fortunate in many ways.  I’m from a Midwestern rural and then a small-town environment raised by a farmer and contractor father and an artist and public speaker mother.  They traveled and I was left in charge at home.  Youth seemed just fine.  With inevitable rough spots along the way I eventually connected with other creative leaders.

At 71 I’m lucky to continue earning a living at innovative risk related work I love, supported by great family, friends and community groups.  I’m able to focus my efforts in recent years on a vital societal need:  Helping organizations protect children from sexual abuse with leadership training to understand, measure and manage risks. 

I’m lucky to have had brilliant mentors. They developed and shared with me a risk model to address behavioral and organizational influences—critical in dealing with risks like child sexual abuse.  One mentor has been both a colleague and friend since 1978.  I plan to share his wisdom forward and I hope you will, too.

Finally and most important I feel especially fortunate I can continue to help my son who suffered a spinal cord injury in 2003 at age 25.  Help comes from his entire circle of support including family, friends, caregivers, volunteers, service providers, accessibility innovators and his own colleagues.  I respect and thank all of you.

Monte Cole

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