Monte Cole, Principal

Monte Cole, B.S., CSP  

Monte’s career spans 50 years in safety and risk management in Missouri, Texas and the DC Metro area delivering client services nationwide. 

His most notable roles were alongside fellow officers and mentors at Sedgwick James (later Marsh), an international insurance brokerage and at Crawford & Company, an international risk management services company.  He was mentored in behavioral and organizational aspects of risk assessment and risk management.  The Crawford role also included line operations profit & loss responsibility. 

Most of his career has been as a private practice consultant. Among his colleagues and clients he’s best known for his ability to first listen to learn objectives, then develop innovative solutions. 

Client examples include Applied Risk Control, Mobil Oil, NASA Contractor, Los Alamos National Labs, American International Group, First Nonprofit Insurance, and Amtrust Insurance.

Training delivered to clients has included live seminars and online webinars.  

His current independent project is Protect Kids:  Helping organizations protect children from sexual abuse with leadership training to understand, measure and manage risks. 

Clients have included nonprofits and corporations including insurers.  A current volunteer role is with Shepherdstown Area Independent Living, an aging-in-place village. 

Monte's Personal Notes:  I’m fortunate in many ways.  I’m from a Midwestern rural and then a small-town environment raised by a farmer and contractor father and an artist and public speaker mother.  They traveled and I was left in charge at home.  Youth seemed just fine.  With inevitable rough spots along the way I eventually connected with other creative leaders.

At 71 I’m lucky to continue earning a living at innovative risk related work I love, supported by great family, friends and community groups.  In recent years I’ve been able to focus my efforts on a vital societal need—the Protect Kids project.

I’m lucky to have had brilliant mentors. They developed and shared with me a risk model to address behavioral and organizational influences—critical in dealing with risks like child sexual abuse.  One mentor has been both a colleague and friend since 1978.  I plan to share his wisdom forward and I hope you will, too.

Finally and most important I feel especially fortunate I can continue to help my son who suffered a spinal cord injury in 2003 at age 25.  Help comes from his entire circle of support including family, friends, caregivers, volunteers, service providers, accessibility innovators and his own colleagues.  I respect and thank all of you.

Colleague:  Carolyn Rodis, J.D., M.A.

Before law school, I was a caseworker with the Philadelphia Department of Welfare, working with children in foster homes.  I investigated cases of neglect. 

I was a staff attorney with the Legal Aid Bureau of Maryland for five and a half years.  With another attorney, I started the battered women’s project, representing women who were abused by intimate partners to obtain protective orders, support, custody and divorce. I represented children or parents in juvenile court child in need of assistance cases, where there were allegations of abuse or neglect.  I worked with and in opposition to child protective services.

I spent almost 6 years in the Office of the Attorney General of Maryland, investigating and litigating consumer protection cases.

I am trained as a mediator.  I mediated some cases in which termination of parental rights was sought in cases of abuse or neglect, and to work out post-decision contact.

I was a trainer for the AARP Legal services Project until the program was discontinued.  I trained service providers in prevention and investigation of elder abuse – physical, emotional and financial.     As with children, elders who are abused often do not have a voice.  They may be unable to communicate or are intimidated by the abuser or worried that if the primary caregiver is removed and convicted, the elder will have to go to a nursing home.  I have trained adult protective services and with law enforcement personnel.  Most of the training I conducted was face to face.  I also conducted on-line trainings.

I was a volunteer ombudsman with the Baltimore County, MD Department of Aging, where I investigated elder abuse cases.

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