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Monte is experienced in both operational management and the safety and risk management fields.   His experience translates into these skills for your benefit: 

       ·       Business Owner

o   Knows Risk Taking & Balanced Risk Control

       ·       Profit & Loss Responsibility

o   Risk Control = Manageable Line Item

       ·       Interviewing, Hiring, & Managing 

o   Assesses Management Skills &  Loss Impact

       ·       Listening, Sales, Marketing, & Service 

o   Discerns Facts & Promotes Collaboration

       ·       Communication Skills

o   Effective Presenter, Writer, & Facilitator

       ·       Innovative Skills

o   Creative Solutions = Competitive Advantage       

       ·       Quality & Safety Integration

o   Quality Techniques for Safety & Risk Control

       ·       Information Technology Skills

o   Efficiencies and Online Resource Benefits

       ·       Certified Safety Professional (CSP)

o   Professional Credentials & Knowledge Shared

       ·       Bachelor of Science, Safety Management

o   Safety & Risk Control Basics