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Audits & Assessments


We provide custom Risk Audits and Assessments for:

·       Insurance Underwriting for Specified Coverage Lines

·       Organizational Risk Control Performance Measurement


·       Crisp, Narrative Reports

o   Executive Summaries, Conclusions, Opinions, & Plans

·       Loss Trend & Incident Analyses

o   Trends Point to Areas of Emphasis  

·       Interviews of Multiple Functional Staff

o   Administrative, Operational, Technical, & Specified Staff

·       Verify, Conclude, & Provide Opinions & Suggestions

o   Corroborate Risk Issues & Clarify Conflicting Information

o   Best Practice Review: Policies, Handbooks, Agreements, & Risk Transfer

·       On Site Observations

o   Report & Visual Supplements as Specified

·       Desktop Assessment Components

o   You Can Choose from a Wide Variety of Online Options