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Incident Management

You can prevent employee and public injuries and losses with a good Incident Management Plan.  Using your own incidents and some simple tools, you can convert trailing indicators into leading indicators... convert losses into profits.

Monte Cole, Principal, introduced application of quality and incident management concepts to occupational and business risks in a popular article. Reprints included those in Quality Journal, International Risk Management Institute, and Professional Safety.  Presentations of it included those to Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) and the Voluntary Protection Program Participants Association (VPPPA).  Incident management should be integrated with current quality initiatives including Lean and Six Sigma.  

Plan & Customization

·       Your Incident Reporting & Analysis Document Development—A Plan

·       Your Own Incident Data—Brainstorming of Your Own Challenges & Opportunities

·       Your Success Stories—Real Time Successes as Building Blocks

·       Your Own Teams—Training with Role Play & Experiential Learning

Typical Training Topics:

·       Understand Positive Value of Incidents vs. their Negative Connotation

·       Log Incident Facts as part of Investigations—Also a Deterrent to Fraudulent Claims

·       Use Excel Spreadsheets for Analyses—Software You Already Own

·       Analyze Data, Modify Log, & Seek Answers & Solutions