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Culture Check

Culture Check, or Risk Control Management, is a baseline measure of an organization’s risk control culture along with guidance for improvement. 

   The scope of risks is normally equated to one or more property and casualty insurance lines, e.g. workers’ compensation, auto fleet, premises, professional, and sexual misconduct, etc. 

   Culture Check is normally used to either reduce high losses or reduce high loss exposure. 

In addition to traditional safety, we assess the people issues—safety perceptions and safety culture.   People and cultural issues are often cited as loss causes but are rarely addressed.

People and cultural issues are evaluated along with traditional operational and historical areas.  You get an improved understanding of organizational loss causes.  Once these broader, cultural causes are identified, they can be addressed with targeted improvements embedded in the organization.

Your evaluation will give you: 

·       Clear Picture of Loss Exposures

o   Assessment & Report of Organizational Loss Influences and Relative Controls

·       Inclusion of the People Issues

o   Safety Culture & Perceptions & Their Influence on Losses, Liabilities, and Opportunities

·       Areas to Strengthen

o   Actions to Promote Sound Risk Taking Dovetailed with Business Plans