Home Health Improvement

Home Health Advocate is customer-based (by customer we mean the end user = patient = customer). 

We're dedicated to improving the customer's home health care.  To us the patient is first. 

Your input appreciated.  Send us your problems and solutions in home health care.

Please email me at montecole@riskcontrolllc.com. 

Our team includes: 
  • Dustin Cole, Writer, Blogger, Sociologist, Political Scientist, Bilingual English Spanish, Spinal Cord Injury Survivor, Craig Hospital Alum, Home Healthcare Customer, Autism Caregiver, Volunteer, and Tweeter 
  • Chad Cole, Writer, Health Care Information Technologist, Bilingual English Spanish, Home Health Caregiver, Craig Hospital "Family" Alum, Volunteer, and Surfer
  • Monte Cole, Risk Management Consultant, Volunteer, and Golfer
  • Many others including Caregivers and Specialists too numerous to mention
Following you will find links to bulletins on home health care related topics.  We welcome your comments.  Please email me at montecole@riskcontrolllc.com. 
Monte Cole,
Apr 16, 2015, 7:40 AM